“Odessa Foundling”
“Odessa Foundling”

Zaporizhzhia, Concert Hall. Glinka

Date and time

11.06.2021 19:00


The play “Odessa Foundling” of the “Masks-show” theater

Odessa has long been recognized as the capital of humor, including thanks to the theater “Masks-show”, but “Masks” is the city’s calling card. “Masks” are the creators of a unique theater, in the repertoire of which there are more than ten author’s comedy plays, including “Odessa Foundling”!

Yes Yes! Exactly – exactly! DISCOVER IN ODESSA!

Of course, the theater’s sparkling humor, original author’s performances can be enjoyed live for most of the year only in Odessa. And for this, of course, it is worth going to this amazingly beautiful, sunny city! Worth it. But, not at all!

The kind wizards of “Kvartal-Concert” organized a grand tour of the “Masks” theater in 14 cities of Ukraine! This means:

Meet Kherson, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Cherkassy, ​​Kiev … !!! Performance of “Masks”! Fireworks of fresh, unbridled fantasy, embodied in the form of comedy, pantomime, choreography, stunt!

Kramatorsk! Bahmut! Severodonetsk! Kharkov! “Odessa Foundling” is coming to you! Come and enjoy the unique style of the “Masks” theater, which is based on the classic traditions of the theater of the absurd, the Del Arte theater, European art!

If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then …

Dnieper! Kropyvnitsky! Kamenskoe! Berdyansk! Krivoy Rog! Our arrival is not far off!

“Kvartal-Concert” presents to your attention the play “Odessa Foundling” based on the play of the same name by the outstanding Odessa playwright Georgy Golubenko. Directed by Georgy Deliev and the virtuoso game of actors (B. Barsky, N. Buzko, G. Deliev).

Light, modern, and most importantly – Odessa, funny and slightly sad comedy will become a session of real laughter therapy for you.

But our humor heals and prolongs life!

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