National Palace of Arts «Ukraine»

Date and time

18.11.2020 19:00


NEANGELY sing “ ON ENCORE” in Kyiv. Even more music and surprises!

The band will perform on an encore with a big solo concert in Kyiv

A concert of the main female duo of Ukraine – NEANGELS will take place on November 18 in the Kyiv Palace “Ukraine”. After the unprecedented success of the all-Ukrainian tour in support of the album # 13, the band will hold another unforgettable show for its fans, which has already conquered all of Ukraine with its scale and atmosphere.

Preparation for the concert has already begun: famous directors and producers are involved. Even more drive, lights, shows, costumes and, of course, music! In the meantime, let’s remember the reasons that will not allow us to miss the meeting with our favorite NEANGELS this time as well.


  1. In the new album “13” the girls talk only about personal
  2. Velvet voices of Slava and Vickamake you fall in love from the first notes and do not let go
  3. In the program – only new and favorite songs
  4. It will again be honest stories of love and hate, hope and disappointment
  5. This show has already conquered 30 cities of Ukraine and continues to gain momentum
  6. Slava and Vika do not call themselves angels, but wings appear behind because of their songs
  7. Each of their appearance – a hit on target
  8. Every song is a hit in the heart
  9. One night at their concert will be remembered for a lifetime
  10. The best team of professionals prepares the show
  11. Your senses will be involved in this concert
  12. Do you still have doubts? Then see point 13
  13. Together with the NEANGELS we will be convinced again that the number “13” is happy!
  14. A new, 14 reason, you will want to add yourself at the concert. And that’s for sure!

Are you with us? Then we are waiting for you on November 18 at the Palace “Ukraine”. Let’s enjoy new and favorite hits NEANGELS “on encore”.

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