Chornyy Kvadrat. Preliminary favors
Chornyy Kvadrat. Preliminary favors

Kyiv, TAO Club

Date and time

02.06.2021 19:00


How does it happen that a man and a woman end up in the same bed?

What is worth doing and what does not need to be said?

And what happens by itself?

What happens next?

Is something changing inside of us after all this?

The performance gives answers to all these questions and of course asks new ones. Sharp-sexy comedy for adults, with a lyrical bias. Love stretched in time and sex, found years later.

Stories about how you wanted, but did not work out, or happened, but not so! What and how exactly – we will tell you in great detail.

Frank topics, sincere conversations. Flirty and flirt, sadness and laughter, love and hate. Minimum vulgarity, zero pornography, maximum frankness.

The performance for adults is not by passport, but by state of mind. Spectators with hypocritical views of the world, and especially without a sense of humor, are also undesirable.

If you have any questions or suggestions - please call or write to us.
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