Chornyy kvadrat. I really want to kiss!
Chornyy kvadrat. I really want to kiss!

Odessa, Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Grand"

Date and time

28.02.2021 19:00


Fate deals the cards as necessary, and we are forced to play with what we have. A person makes a choice every minute. Turn right or left. Divorce or live with this person until the last minute. Change or stay faithful. With every decision a wheel of probabilities appears.

What if the person you loved and love marries your friend?

Is it possible to keep love no matter what? How do you do it?

What is in the power of our feelings, and over what feelings are we not in control?

Performance from the “Before and After Sex” project. As always about the most important and personal with elegant humor and maximum frankness. The performance is 100% about each of us. And if this situation has not happened to you yet: “then everything has its time, – said the grandmother and got out from under the wheels of the tram”.

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