Chernyy kvadrat. Sex is temporarily available
Chernyy kvadrat. Sex is temporarily available

Vasylkiv, City House of Culture

Date and time

19.02.2021 18:30


Three different points of view on the questions:

Are women for sale?

Does love exist in the world?

Who is more important: a man or a woman?

Flames of laughter, irony, cynicism and sarcasm.

This is not a performance, it is just hysteria. Comedy? Of course, but this is the funniest, most sparkling comedy you could think of! The performance is not just funny, we take a larger caliber. This is sheer expression, mercilessly naked emotions, a fountain of positive and suicidal irony.

This performance will blow your mind with crazy bursts of humor. Extremely witty text by Alexey Kurilko. The acting work is simply enchanting.

Actors by the power of their talent and charm create such vivid and unforgettable images that they will forever be saddened in your memory, dear viewer. Every joke is perfected, trained to a diamond shine. Every action, facial expressions, plastic – worked out to inimitability.

Brightness, light, extravaganza of delicious emotional pieces. It has everything: sex, love, truth of life, songs, lyrics, cruelty. Everything that interests each of us, everything that each of us is, is mixed in a little bit in this colossal performance!

The performance looks in one breath.

Beware! Explosive!

And of course, for you, the best theater actor:

Alexey Kurilko

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