Chernyy kvadrat. New Year’s Cupcake
Chernyy kvadrat. New Year’s Cupcake

Kropyvnytskyi, Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater im. M. L. Kropyvnytskoho

Date and time

22.12.2020 19:00


This performance could also be called: “Sex Before and After the New Year.” But! .. After all, it may also be In Time! Why limit yourself? Let everything be in this performance!

Animal passion, silent yearning of anticipation, sparkling humor and erotic fantasies, the need for quivering love and a chill of regret after a bottle of expensive champagne, the endless pursuit of pleasure and the undisguised shamelessness of Olivier from the deli.

Please take what-who needs! Everything is at your service!

Intimate stories accompanied by the chimes. Love hooliganism on New Year’s Eve.

Who can you call if you are lonely on New Years?

What are men most often interested in after sex?

How does a loving woman “sound” to remain loved?

What gift do you need to make yourself on New Year’s Eve in order to enjoy the whole year?

And why is it bad when the tap is leaking?

We promise a lot of humor and positive emotions! Provided that you are a person without a sanctimonious attitude towards life.

Children under 8 years old are not allowed to the performance. Older – on the responsibility of parents.

If you have any questions or suggestions - please call or write to us.
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