Chernyy Kvadrat «KVADRAT show»
Chernyy Kvadrat «KVADRAT show»

Odessa, City Garden Summer Theater

Date and time

25.07.2020 20:00


Show comedy improvisation from the theater “Black Square”.

Three reasons to be:

  1. This is funny, bright and unpredictable, because the main participants in the show will be the audience. It is their fantasies and desires that the actors will embody on stage!
  2. There are no and will not be forbidden topics and restrictions on our show. Our only rule is any genre except boring!
  3. The improvisation theater “Black Square” is the most popular and sold-out theater in Ukraine. Any show with the participation of Black Square actors is a guarantee of a good mood.

How is this going?

Five actors of the Black Square Theater play improvisational sketches, sketches, sketches and theatrical canvases, the themes of which are set by the audience. Thanks to this, stories are never repeated (well, almost), jokes and intrigues are born “here and now”!

A format that for 50 years has been very popular in Europe and the USA, and only recently began to gain popularity in Ukraine.

And Black Square has been improvising since 1991!

If you have any questions or suggestions - please call or write to us.
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