Chernyy Kvadrat. Games for Adults
Chernyy Kvadrat. Games for Adults

Chernihiv, Chernihiv City Palace of Culture

Date and time

16.02.2021 19:00


“Games for Adults” is absolutely unique stamping from the romantic comedy factory, it has a big beautiful tag because it is from a separate workshop. The manner of presentation is very unusual, but it does not turn the picture into another sugary story about Romeo and Juliet.

Having all the attributes of such performances, she is distinguished by a kind of ease of narration and at the same time conveys interesting thoughts about love before and after sex, mixing with a fusion of sincere friendship and trust, at the same time adding solid pieces of humor.

The performance is already 5 years old. And all 5 years for him there were no empty seats in the hall. You can bet on it not only on Alexei Kurilko, but also on Natalia Kazantseva. The actors coped with their task with a bang. They are not only interesting people with crazy charm and charisma, but also magical professionals. They play lively and easily, enjoying the process. They want not only to believe, but to trust.

As a result: the performance will blow your mind with an incredible dose of positive, mixed with a huge portion of jokes.

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